Phoenix Aquatics has a philosophy that believes being a member of a swim team should be primarily fun. You can find more information from the Phoenix Aquatics web page:   We aim to keep swimming fun through enjoyable training

sessions, interesting travel and racing opportunities with a backbone of age appropriate coaching.

We believe that a swimming club should encourage fitness, and improve fitness, by regular attendance in sessions.

Competitions should be a positive part of the club experience and at an appropriate level to encourage continued participation.

Competitions should allow swimmers to grow; learning through the challenge that both success and learning from mistakes allow - all guided by qualified coaches.

In summary;

  • Fun
  • Fitness - health and wellbeing, active lifestyle
  • Stroke technique - core strength and shoulder stabiliisation
  • Social events
  • Competitive philosophy  - Participation


All of these points are included in our invitation letter which is issued to prospective members.