Our swim clinics are run by former International swimmer and Olympic Coach Gary Vandermeulen.

Sheppard Swim School runs swim clinics which have been extremely popular. Clinics are at Tulliallan Police College. We have been publishing this information via our email lists. Examples of recent Swim Clinics include:

  • Butterfly Swim clinic: Each swimmer will learn how to dolphin action correctly, balance correctly and how to have a correct arm pull/recovery.
  • Breast Stroke Swim Clinic This swimming clinic will teach swimmers how to swim breaststroke with correct balance, how to kick efficiently, how to balance, how to increase tempo and how to hold water in breaststroke pull.
  • Back Stroke Swim Clinic This clinic will teach swimmers the correct roll, balance, arm sweep, catch and head positions. Each swimmer will learn new drills in a small group environment with feedback.